Let’s Talk

You are reading it right. Talking about what is killing you within might be the most appropriate thing to do at that very moment.

Once Lili Rhinehart rightly said, “asking for help is the first step… You are more precious to this world you will ever know.”

The concept of mental health is not limited, it has many aspects such as emotional, psychological, social-behavioral patterns, etc. Thus, explaining mental health may differ from person to person.

Here, in this article, we will briefly and precisely discuss it.

What is “mental health”?

According to WHO, “Mental health is a state of mental well-being that enables people to cope with the stresses of life, realize their abilities, learn well and work well, and contribute to their community.” https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/mental-health-strengthening-our-response

Mental health is often denoted as a mental disorder and people with mental health conditions are likely to experience a lower level of mental well-being. Taking care of our minds during unfavorable circumstances is known as Mental-health.

Generally speaking, sometimes in life, people feel it difficult to express how terrible and difficult they think to find a solution themselves. Such people struggle within themselves.

What shall we do?

The misconception that is attached to mental health is that all people who are suffering mentally are insane. Mental disorders can occur in different stages of one’s life due to various reasons. It is not gender-specific. The person who is suffering from any mental disorder may be a student or a professional or a retired senior citizen.

Though mental health is a basic human right, primarily two kinds of persons are obligatory. They are:

  1. The person who is facing it,
  2. Other persons dealing with him or living around him

1. The person who is facing it

It might sound weird that how come a person who is already going through so much has obligations towards saving himself. This is precisely what you should not be thinking.

Feed your mind with positive thoughts that you are not weak. It’s only you who can help yourself.

Remember that it’s just a bad day, not a bad life. It is just a phase.

Reach out to people who you can trust, if you have none then write down your mind. Talk to yourself and know that there is nothing wrong in being vulnerable. Allow your emotions to flow organically.

Do not stop working on yourself. You may change your direction, have a new beginning, or rest for some time, yet you are not giving up.

Meditation and physical exercises, and self-care generally help in reducing anxiety. Talk to or follow someone who has already been through that situation.

Find something new that interests you, since you are not letting the circumstance in your life control your whole life. Furthermore, what has helped me, is staying away from social media and reducing screen time to invest time in reading.

Your mental health shall be your priority.

2. Other Persons

Modern society is a fast-paced society.

There is constant competition among people which creates pressure on people who takes time to reach a certain point in their life. Some people may start to feel acute pressure as a result which will lead to poor mental health conditions.

Though mental health is a collective responsibility, people who are doing mentally fine shall come forward to help when they get to know someone who needs it.

Building trust and being a good listener will help to a great extent.

After you discover someone is going through a mental disorder it will be wise to spend some time with them and keep them distracted from the thoughts that are creating havoc.

What helped me personally is practicing yoga and meditation with the advice of my mother. I was rejuvenated by the change in my lifestyle. Feeding the mind with positive stories of a person who is mentally weak at some point can be the best resort.

N: B- Views here are personal. Feel free to share your part of the story and how you managed to overcome such a situation.

Picture credit: Unsplash/stormseeker